Puffin John Fischer, Doorstop

Puffin John Fischer, Doorstop

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John Fischer the Puffin Doorstop is a truly magnificent piece. He is admired wherever he goes and is much loved within the bird community. The vibrant colours and contrasts make John Fischer a real talking point for any visitors that pop by to see your fabulous new Doorstop. He will sit study in place holding your doors open or closed as required.

This perky puffin is relatively new on the block, but he has already made a super impression on his wildlife friends;

“John Fischer likes to clown around with his circus of friends before getting on with the serious business of the day, soon returning with a mouthful of sand eels to feed his young.”

This handsome bird is designed and finished in black velveteen with a white faux suede tummy and face. An orange woven canvas beak compliments his blue and orange eyes. To keep John Fischer warm and dry whilst fishing he has a yellow and white striped scarf with yellow wellingtons and hat.

Give this special little guy a space in your home.

Animal Birds
Product Type Doorstops
Size Height 28cm
Pattern Other
Filling Polyfibre Filling and Quartz Sand
Collection The Country Folk Collection
Fabric Velveteen
Weight 1.20 kg